Augmented Reality Experience


This joint project, coordinated by FBAUP in collaboration with the students from the Postgraduate Programme in Interior and Spatial Design of ESMAD – Polytechnic of Porto, is evidence to our shared commitment to promoting creativity, cultural exchange, and education. By uniting academia, students and museums, we aim to provide unexpected and experimental interpretations inspired by remarkable works featured in “The Dynamic Eye: Beyond Optical and Kinetic Art” exhibition.

The students of the Design Degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, in charge of designing and developing these Augmented Reality experiences, seek to merge the physical and digital realms. This alternative approach intensifies the interaction with the artworks, offering visitors a dynamic combination of traditional and contemporary art forms.


Abel Tavares · Andreia Esteves · Charlotte Crapts · Eliana Santiago · Luiza Martinez · Pedro Santiago · Susana Barreto

Abel Tavares (ESMAD IPP) · Pedro Santiago (ESMAD IPP) · Eliana Santiago (FBAUP)

Pedro Oliveira (ESMAD IPP)
André Santos & Helena Grilo (3D Animation & Augmented Reality)

Adriana Rodrigues, Ana Braga, Anais Abel, André Tomas, Bárbara Baptista, Beatriz Alves, Beatriz Cruz, Beatriz Porfirio, Benedita Nunes, Camila Landeosi, Carlota Nogueira, Cecilia Hipólito, Cesária Matos, Cleópatra Pereira, Eduardo Silva, Fernanda Senna Dias, Francisco Ferreira, Fred Neto, Gustavo Fernandes, Inês Torres, Jessica Gonçalves, João Lucena, João Solla, Lara Falcone Soares, Leticia Magalhães, Leticia Melo, Lorena Gomes Fassina, Lucas Gulluni, Luis Azevedo, Mafalda Pereira, Margarida Sousa, Maria João Sousa, Maria Nunes, Marta Castro, Matilde Alves, Micaela Alves, Pedro Nascimento, Rosário Nogueira, Sara Silva, Sara Gomes da Silva, Sofia Ferreira, Sónia Moreira.

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